Sunday, June 17, 2007

once i was lost
sometimes i can feel that i'm found.
all this brokenness, this mess sometimes reveals your beauty.
these eyes are fixing on toward religion and i desperatly need to be released.
i was looking at your word and i saw something so beautiful.
and how we've captured it into this book, this rule book that we must follow or we're not going to be "successful christians".
but father, i fall every day and i fall into your arms everyday.

and yesterday it made so much sense about your perfect plan. this plan that i follow and when my eyes were on you father and only you and not on all these things i "couldnt" and "shouldnt" do, you were so much more.. fun.
so much more closer.
and now i've created you into this boss.
this manager, that i have to be careful around.
and i want you to see this heart and be excited about it.
let me see me as you see me, let me see your people as you see them, let me see you as you want me to.

amazing grace, how sweet the sound..
that saved a wretch like me..

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