Sunday, December 6, 2009

you allow us to do this without you.

i love what joel houston says..
"i kind of feel like i dont know anything except the one thing.. if we can just understand the one thing then maybe thats all we need to do?"

Jesus, sweet sweet Jesus, i breathe in your presense, your goodness and its all i want to live out, give back, with everything with every single breath i take in this world Father i want to use it for your glory, to see you for who you are and to know you at another level that i dont think i can ever reach.. and then i exauste myself and oh sweet Jesus my eyes wonder back and forth from me to this world when your soul craves my eyes just to be stuck on you and loving you and adoring you for who you are.
Jesus, take this soul. it is yours. i surrender, again and again and again.
let me love like you do, to know love like you do.

thank you for your constant redeemption. you are the only thing worth living for.
feed me your vision today. your hands today, let them be my own.