Sunday, September 30, 2007

your hands, my feet.

you've seen this heart. and you hold it in your hands.
you understand this process, this heart that eagerly wants to chase after your will and righteousness.
you understand i'm your girl. learning, somethings the hard way.
my stubbornness.. sometimes i see things my way and my understanding, i lean onto it. it seems easier.

i like the reminders
of your grace, living in it. i cant think about it too much. my mind gets captivated by these what ifs and howso's and how thens and Lord, all i know is when i'm living in your presense and your will, i never want to leave.
and these buts, it becomes so complicated.
your hands offer this joy and my feet run away.
i cant explain the pull, this desire to feed me.
i ask for help, for the constant obedience.
that its not about proving anything to anyone, but to live for you and in that, i can trust that whatever happens, will happen for you.
you're brilliant. i love you.