Monday, September 8, 2008

i'm GETTING it!

i have tried to figure this thing out. without you, with you, the heart of your- your mind, where you're taking me. what you've told me. what you're not.. constantly chasing to hear your voice again and when its not loud or soon enough, i run quicker to my own logic
leaving me lost and hopeless and exhausted.

i run out of passion and your word becomes a list of religious craziness
obedience doesn't seem attractive

how could i for one minute think to understand the mind of you, your heart, your plans or history,. that my human mind could get itself around it?

no other greater voice!
all i know is
living a life
OUTSIDE of you, you being love, and i like love, i love love, i need to be loved and i need to feel loved, and i need to love and i need to know love, i need to know you, if i dont know you i dont know love, i dont have love, i have nothing but hopelessness. You are love. i'm getting that.
i'm getting you are love.
i'm getting it.
i'm getting IT.

ah this life, this LIFE!!!!

you're so beautiful.