Wednesday, March 18, 2009

you say and you've said..

its a process.
that i cant perfect.
i can say i look for you, when i glance so quickly, i run even quicker,
i know better.

i'm your child, you're my father, this perfect love that i'm so underserving of.
one minute i start to "get" it. then the next i'm totally more confused or exausted as ever.

God, i miss being passionate about you. i miss you.
i miss your presense, the sound of your rescue. when you chase after me and youre always chasing after me, when will it ever quit? why do you never give up? thank you my sweet Savior, i'm so so underserving. your taste.. there is absouletly nothing better than this.
you breathing on me. all i was created to find, Jesus, is found in you. i know this.
let me live it.
let you be all i want. breath on me, so powerful. theres nothing greater. nothing greater. Father, i know this.
where are you? why do i run? let me feel you please Jesus. capture me, capture my heart, steal it, take it, run away with it, you HAVE to take it Father because with the way things are looking right now anytime soon i wont be giving it to you.