Wednesday, April 11, 2007

finding the strength here to cry out

seasons of consistency, i want to run so far from routine.
you shake and you mold and you form this image that i cant find any clues of. any hint of this creation you're envisioning.
i miss that passion, that standing in awe of you as a whole. any part of you could get me to shut up. the good kind of shut up where i want to literally bust out of my skin because no amount of words or praise or worship or shouts of love and joy could express the adoration that that heart held for you.
and i miss that and i write that and i just feel empty.
and seasons, life is only found in seasons. good and empty seasons. a season that you cant really care about because you dont have the energy to. and then theres the type of seasons where you're so happy you're full of fear because you know it could never get better. freeze it exactly as is, that fear knowing it will never be that moment again, such good seasons.
then theres that prayer, after that season of bliss i realize i cant sit here. its not just about me, i need to help others. i need to be able to answer to others. i need to be able to love up on others, show them the process you're having on me, this forming of heart and mind and life and what you're capable of. a challenged and damaged soul your power has the power to change any and literally everything.
that prayer, that comes after that thought. that prayer of 'use me. take me deeper. show me understanding" could quite possibly be the second most important prayer in a child of Yours walk.
because its at that prayer, that your child starts to see the bigger picture, of it not being about themself. its about a committed heart and lfie and spirit and mind to
mold me and shape me, i honestly pray that you will form and challenge me. my heart and mind. direct and lead me with strength, confidence in myself and all in you.
help me sort out these distractions so that i may fully and wholly focus and completely humble and surrender all i need
to change
this life, your life.
i've given back to you.
as i literally commit this life, all of me, all authority above me,
i serve
to serve
to you.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

jess made me this.

Dear Kelly,

Congratulations! After careful review of your application, we would like to offer you a place at Hillsong International Leadership College. You will be receiving your official Letter of Offer by post.
Should you wish to accept this offer, the next step for you is to make the minimum fee payment to confirm your place in the course. For payment options, please refer to the attached Payment Schedule.
Please note that the college is offering you a place on the basis that you meet the appropriate English language levels as outlined in our entry requirements (available in our prospectus or website).
Once you have made the fee payment, you will be forwarded a Confirmation of Enrolment (for Overseas Students) and Accommodation Information.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email the college at
Yours in Christ,