Sunday, August 31, 2008


how many many many so many times have i run and ran and SPRINT and dodge and eagerly CHASE after my own thoughts and desires and plans and motives and everything
when i know i know i know i know these PROMISES, because you've never been proven wrong,
be stubburn
and you know
be me.
and to think
i will never everevereverneverever have this thing RIGHT, i will never be what i want to be IN YOU because i have this vision, i have this heart that cant escape you no matter how many times it desperatly tries to run away because sometimes life outside of you seems so much easier
and then i give up because its
oh dear GOD i cant imagine going through this whole life thing withoutyou
one season,
was totally enough for me
and never ever again and i'm ready i want to give it all to you
and i'm desperate to hear your voice
your warmth
but i just wont shut up