Tuesday, February 10, 2009


i slip, i see you ahead, holding back your hand, walking ahead of me, protecting me because you see it coming. you see my heart. where its going and where its been and
my beautiful God i cant understand the heart of you, your heart towards me. your eyes that look at me, i can see them, i dont get that deep of love.

i literally see your hand, holding it. waiting always waiting so patiently, thats what youre so good at, taking me in, back time and time again..

the other day when i bent down, and the moments you meet me, or when i meet you, when i feel you, when i know youre there are the craziest times. you decide to show me who you are at the craziest times.
looking at muffins.
oh, looking at muffins.
bending down, you held me. you told me you're all i need.
i know this I KNOW THIS GOD.
why do i CHOOSE to ignore it? why do i choose to turn away, when i know i KNOW you've created sensation, you've created feelings, you've created this heart and you've built it so that you're all i was created to find, everywhere i look i see you, i need to see you, outside of that is a void, i need you. and i keep searching for that outside of you and it only leads to ... nothing.nothingnothingnothingoh GOOOOOOOOOOD it leads nowhere.

you're amazing. for loving me, like nothing how i love you. i know nothing like you, fall fall fall IN LOVE, let me fall so hardly and madly in love with WHO YOU ACTUALLY are. show me show me show me your glory, show me your taste, whisper, SPEAK, yell SHOUT, show me you God, i miss you. i want to know nothing but you..
i'm lost, i'm so lost without you.
find me find me find me. find me please Lord. take me, i hate letting you go.