Thursday, April 3, 2008


i'm not sure how people could live everyday like this, just as is.
without the passion, without the taste of you. without realizing the taste of you. Father i pray that you cure this heart, i pray you fill it so full of you Father i cant fill it with anything else. i pray for a vision and a focus, a heart totally onto you father, i pray you free us from depression and self esteem issues Father and i pray that in place you store a beautiful peace and joy from you Father. i pray you teach us what it means to live lives totally devoted to you, my King. i pray you fill our hearts with a deep, sincere passion and trust in YOU. and not in ourselves, Lord God.
i pray you help us reach our community, that when we say we're known and know our community, that that is the truest at its fullest Father. i pray that you help me trust in you and your life plans for me, Jesus. what a beautiful name.. thank you for your salvation. i loveeeeeeee you my Jesus. my beautiful beautiful savior. love you forever.

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