Friday, April 11, 2008

i have found the greatest love. and now in comparison ... everything compared is nothing.
searching the entire world theres no other beauty like the beauty of sitting with doors closed, my bed room floor in your soft brilliant presence..
i have compared all else to this feeling and theres nothing better.
and my hearts broken because theres still a huge part of me thats lonely but when i have what i've been thinking i want i only want to spend that time with you and i dont want to be the grass is always greener sort of girl but i want to be balanced in all areas and i want to have a family and i want all these things that my heart chases after but sometimes it gets so covered with too many thoughts and theres gotta be something better type of thinking and this perfect prince in my head thats going to be crazy and love you and hilarious and really really tall and still so passionate about being a child of you.
and i'm only 24 and i want to be single but i feel like if i dont know who i'm going to marry
then the future is a MESS.
but hey!! silly kid you should know THIS HOPE WE HAVE

(live it out. now)

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