Saturday, November 15, 2008

to say

you're all i need, you're all i need.
you are
i need.
all i was created to find,
i find in you.
all i was created to need,
its all found in you..
i'm getting louder.
this soul rumbles and shakes and stirs up confusion
you've never failed me. let me find your heart the way it actually is.
and not what i've heard or been taught or have always thought, but Father let me find your heart just
as it actually IS.

with everything!!!!!!! let me RUN let me run to you to this journey, this journeyFather, get my heart stirred up with passion like i've never known before.

let me fully see me, you, us, this world, your children, all of us, Father help me see fully.. see the way you do.
let me get it.

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